Prescription Monitoring Program
data collection resumes July1

Veterinarians that dispense Schedules II, III, IV, and V controlled substances in Washington State, or send such substances to an address in the state, must resume reporting to the WA PMP. Data collection resumes July 1, 2013 and covers data through September 30, 2013, with the first report due October 10, 2013. Reports can be submitted with previously established accounts through Health Information Designs (HID), Inc.

What’s New in 2013

  • Quarterly reporting (used to be weekly)
  • Reporting a greater-than-14-day supply of Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances (use to be more than one day supply)
  • Report fewer data fields
  • Submit report electronically or by paper (used to be only electronic)

RCW 70.225, authorized the Washington State Department of Health to establish the Washington State Prescription Monitoring Program. Pharmacies and practitioners that dispense any Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances must report dispensing to the PMP. Mandatory reporting began on October 7, 2011...

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Governor Signs WSVMA immunity legislation
Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law Substitute Senate Bill 5102, WSVMA’s legislation granting veterinarians immunity from criminal and civil liability for good faith reporting of animal cruelty...
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Tell Congress veterinarians must be able to legally carry controlled substances to treat our nation's animals
Veterinarians treat multiple species of animals in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) makes it illegal for veterinarians to take and use controlled substances outside of...
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WSVMA Performance Analytics
The WSVMA is working for you! We’re making available to members three important performance analytic tools that are based on over twenty years of research...
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